"Helping Seniors Live Independently in their Homes"

Part of the Living at Home & Block Nurse Program

Looking for Seniors

Dayton’s Bluff Seniors Living At Home/Block Nurse Program draws a circle of care around senior citizens in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood (District 4) to ensure that they stay living safely and independently in their homes for as long as possible.  We are looking for seniors to serve!  If you or someone you know is 65 years or better and could use some assistance, please contact us!  We are await your call and look forward to helping to connect seniors with resources such as rides to the doctor or grocer, chore services, nursing/wellness visits, fall prevention, brown bag food delivery, respite care and more.  To learn more, click around on our web site and then please call us at:  651-776-7210 ext. 303.

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About Dayton’s Bluff Seniors

Smiling FacesAlthough we are the youngest of the Block Nurse Programs, incorporating in July of 2008, our services are many. In order to extend care to the east side of Saint Paul, the East Side Wellness Collaborative was co-founded to ensure that services were not duplicated by various agencies.

We obtained our 501(c)3 status in our first year. Our board consists of established members of the community well versed in the needs of elders.

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Dayton’s Bluff Seniors relies on grants, contributions, and volunteers to continue to provide services to seniors at no cost.